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London - George Michael's liberation moment followed at first seems to be a big shame.

He has extreme beauty and beautiful voice, attribute tenderness, he used to be a girl and a mature solo artists and video broadcast his considerable attract the opposite sex. He let his sexuality private until he was canada goose outlet parka arrested in 1998, after the discovery of immoral behavior of a public toilet in Los Angeles male undercover police.

In earlier times, doomed his career. Not retreat, however, and he made a video - "outside" - laugh at the charges against him and laugh at the Los Angeles police arrested him.

Everyone remember the image of the two uniformed police kissing video - when is both interesting and outrageous - image to help Michael came out as a gay man proudly. He is to have a clear conscience, no regret, even ready to poke fun at himself he continuously.
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But Michael died of heart failure in 53 announced Sunday that struggled in his later years, the number of health problems and the problem of drug abuse. His voice is gold - sometimes appears to be almost no limit, but his behavior in public places becomes more unstable.

Despite his talent, he had never found a suitable for their own senior statesman of the rock in the world. Fans insisted he despite all canada goose jacket this, and many expect a comeback. People take root Michael, even if they think he escapes, yield to him.

Michael rose to fame in the early years of the girl two retype it! And smoothly into solo. This is a story of a typical entertainment - a young man, named George Panayiotou Cyprus with the Greek origin of George Michael's name and form and Andrew Ridgeley band has brought the global wealth and fame.

The era of pictures and video display Michael long locks, sharp eyes, a bright and cheerful disposition, amazing smile. He for the MTV, become the dominant power, and he has a powerful video business, borrowed from some of his dance moves, elvis Presley is sometimes put themselves into motorcycle rebels will let James dean and marlon brando proud.

He seems to be the top of the world, when he graduated from wow! Yourself, start scoring, but later said he was in his 20 s sexual orientation, remember him very depressed at the moment.

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Gay groups of AIDS crisis is extremely difficult, he lost a partner. He said that he spent several years to recover.

"My first relationship in 27, because I really didn't really accept my sexual orientation, until 24 years old," he said. canada goose outlet sale "I lost my partner HIV spent approximately three years; then, I lost my mother. I feel like I am cursed."

He was uneasy and unhappy, at the same time, become a rare artists like chart success with great respect. He has sold over 100 million albums, leaving with the trophy awards dinner, and recorded a duet of giant in his field.

A long list of records and Michael including historical canada goose kensington parka figures: as aretha franklin, ray Charles, pavarotti and canada goose outlet toronto Elton John, in the first place. They are willing to share the focus is canada goose parka a sure sign of Michael's talent is appreciate the musician.

Critics generally think he wow! Song catchy but the popularity of disposable, to his personal effort higher marks. canada goose outlet jacket His first solo album, "faith" in 1987, has sold more than 20 million copies, he likes to some popular songs include unkempt "I want you, this is the video, provoked received widely broadcast MTV.

This song is controversial, not only because of its specific properties, but also because it is seen as encouraging promiscuity and promiscuity, AIDS epidemic is at high tide. Michael and his management efforts to quell this perspective, the singer wrote "explore monogamy" legs and video of the back of the model.

The peak of his career, but a long legal dispute with SONY music company bring losses.

Hit the slowdown, he became better in health scare and brush with the police, many of them are derived from a series of driving - under - the - influence - of - drugs, including some collapse. He like marijuana and prescription drugs sedatives - a dangerous combination affects his driving, and several times he was found in his car's steering wheel, don't move.

He jokes some eccentric driving, but the underlying problem is serious. License suspension finally Michael driving his land rover in 2010 after five years of modern photography studio has so much power, his car.

Witty people remember Michael's early career wrote something on the spot to type his SUV.

He was arrested for the second time in a public toilet - this time in north London drugs in 2008, the incident prompted him to apologize to his fans, and canada goose outlet promised to make his life order. It seems that he felt he was wearing his popular with the public, offer an apology for everyone "boring."

In 2011, said at a news conference he felt with his inappropriate behavior for the young and gay and makes it easier for others to slander. By that time, many of his songs have become popular gay song, including writing and publishing, before he revealed his sexual orientation.

Despite these personal setbacks, Michael's music performance remains strong, even if his material moved away from the youth music first brought him to the star.

Telegraph in 2011 to describe the modelling of the London concerts is an impressive event, called the sound of his voice, "a rich, deep feeling of the instrument, it is the ability to serious emotional component, and skillfully confessional tone material of their own."

His straightforward reason to him for the first time the ska band Ridgeley formation retype it later!

"I want to be loved," he said. "This is a self-fulfilling aspect to that thing."